Happy graduation in 2024.

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In the blink of an eye, it has been seven years since I stepped into the university campus. Three years ago, I also experienced a graduation, but at that time, most of my friends chose to continue their studies in graduate school, so there wasn't much sadness. And this year, most of the graduate students have also obtained their master's degrees and embarked on various social positions across the country. From now on, it may be difficult for us to meet again. With this in mind, I wish all the friends who are graduating this year a bright future.

Reunion at the Wedding

On June 9, 24, Song Ge got married. They have been in love since their undergraduate years and have now tied the knot. Everyone put aside their busy schedules and returned to Xi'an from all over the country to attend Song Ge's wedding.

In the evening, while everyone was attending the wedding, we gathered again at a barbecue stall in Xingqing, from day to night. From then on, Zhu Lao single-handedly established the position of "Guest" at the automation conference. Also leaving behind precious video materials

Graduation Photos

Next is the much-anticipated graduation photo session. Xiao Xue and Jianjian were interning in another city, so they took two photos together (suggesting a full-body standee next time).

Two fellow graduates from the research group, wishing them success in their future work and studies.

Most of my undergraduate roommates have also graduated (except for a certain sophomore who loves World War II hhhhh).

Pretending to graduate myself, basking in the joy😀

Graduation Party

This year, the graduation ceremony and the graduation party were held on the same day, with the graduation ceremony during the day and the graduation party at night. Changing the principal for the graduation ceremony meant one less anticipated segment, as most of the speeches by leaders were not very pleasant. However, this year there was an added segment of releasing pigeons, and many pigeons were set free.

Although I am not graduating, the school's creative ice cream comes in three flavors✌

Graduation Party

The school motto and the westward migration were displayed during the rehearsal, but were omitted during the actual performance.

Finally, a group photo

Wishing everyone to always be full of vitality.

Automation Dinner

The day after the graduation ceremony, as agreed beforehand, friends from the undergraduate automation program gathered to have a farewell dinner.

For those comrades who couldn't be present, we didn't let them feel lonely either.

I have to say, Fuji's straight-out photos are really high-quality.

World-famous painting: "Xiang Ge Drinking Soup"

Finally, I wish all the friends who have graduated and started working a bright future, the doctoral students who are still studying to graduate soon, and the upcoming junior students to find good jobs.